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Which car to buy? Part 3

by miamigardens

When buying, do not forget to pay attention to safety tools built into the car: anti -circus system, brake anti -lock system, airbags, quality bumpers, head restraints, safe glasses and the like. An equally important point is the price of auto parts. Keep in mind if you are a beginner driving, you cannot avoid small scratches, periodic replacement of headlights, bumper and even car painting. In addition, depending on the brand of the car, the replacement of summer rubber with winter tires can also cost a tidy sum. The cheapest is car maintenance from Germany, for example, Opel or Volkswagen. The French brands PEUGEOT, Renault and Citron are also relatively inexpensive to maintain, but Japanese models (Mazda, Lexus, Nissan, Toyota) are the most expensive. And, finally, the price-quality proportion and the most universal B-class car (medium-sized cars) experts consider Hyundai Getz. Of the cheaper ones – Skoda Fabia, more elegant – Chevrolet Aveo, more reliable – Ford Fiesta, and convenient – Honda Jazz. And yet, the advice "which car to buy?" – not a panacea, so you can just choose a car that you like and is suitable for price. At favorable prices! Details on the site: .Avtodnestr

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