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And why are we shy?

by miamigardens

What are the most important services in the city? Was it always frankly talk about where they work? The paradoxes of our lives.

So our life is arranged with you that it contains a lot of such a thing that no one can do without, but it’s somehow inconvenient to talk about this. For example, for some, a big problem is to buy certain products in a pharmacy, although there is nothing reprehensible in the lesson for which they are intended.

The sewage service is approached by approximately the same reputation. Here everyone understands that if it is on a week for a week, then any large city will turn … I don’t even want to say what it will turn into! But on the other hand, at the level of individual workers, it is somehow inconvenient to tell relatives and friends where you work. And even if you do not have a work directly with the waste of human life, but you work as a driver, mechanic or even a dispatcher!

Such paradoxes of our psychology. And this despite the fact that in many cities a solid budget and the most modern technique are allocated for this service. After all, the city leadership understands well what problems in this service can end. Especially during the election company. So there are really enough paradoxes in our life ..


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