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The main varieties of slopes

by miamigardens

An important component of the interior are slopes. Further operation of the window opening depends on the quality of the decoration of the slopes. This process involves the use of various materials that differ in texture, durability and price. The main criterion for choosing is the combination of materials of the window system and walls.

Slopes from plaster are widespread. The disadvantage of this method of finishing is the low durability of the finish and the possibility of getting pollution on accessories. A plaster slope can become an additional bridge of the cold into the room, does not hold sound and warmth well. At leisure it will not be superfluous to find out more about the site .

Plastic slopes are installed when installing window systems from PVC. The standard width of such slopes corresponds to the width of the panel and is 25 cm. Plastic of poor quality can burn out in the sun and provides insufficient thermal insulation. The complexity is the performance of a high -quality junction of the panels.

Sandwich panels have good resistance to various loads. When connecting PVC windows with panels, the joint is almost invisible. Additional insulation of mineral wool will prevent the appearance of cold bridges. Care for this type of sloping is not particularly difficult.


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