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A massive road quality check is coming in Moscow

by miamigardens

Capital road services will be carried out a rampant check of the condition of all Moscow roads. In the autumn period of time, specialists in the industry of road construction and housing and communal services plan a total check of all Moscow roads, in all districts. Check will be carried out 24 hours a day. Incoming territories and MKAD will also be checked.

30 million. rubles, how much the authorities plan to spend on this project. For high -quality study of the roadway, special machines equipped with GPS navigation will be used to report all problem areas, with their exact coordinates and their detection time. All zones that do not meet the standards will be captured, and these data change or delete the possibilities not to introduce themselves.

All work will be carried out around the clock, in order not to prevent the movement of city vehicles. Those places where the road is very overloaded with vehicles will be checked at night, so as not to interfere with the movement of the flow of machines. It is also worth noting that the authorities commented on the question of why recently laid asphalt is sometimes shifted again.

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