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How to make glass yourself matte

by miamigardens

Quite often, many manufacturers of doors and furniture use, to create individual elements of their product, matte glass. Often in everyday life, many owners of apartments use it in certain situations. In order not to spend money, you can get matte glass from ordinary glass. For work, you need to prepare both the glass itself and a wooden board, the same size as the glass sifted large sand, preferably river, and the load.

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The process of creating matte glass is not long and laborious. The work begins by the fact that a layer of sand is poured onto the surface of the glass, which is pre -sieved through a small sieve. Then, the sand is moistened and covered with a wooden board on top, which is pressed with a load. After some time, the board is removed, and the glass is carefully inspected in the light, for the presence of gaps that marker marked, again the actions described above are made. The process continues until the glass is completely matte.

There is a method for matting glass with ordinary glue, which is applied and evenly distributed over the entire surface of the glass. You need to do this as quickly as possible, without waiting for the staining of glue. After the glue hardens, the glass is matte. Naturally, this method is suitable only for small glasses.


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