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A few more unusual fountains

by miamigardens

The fountain of abundance in Singapore reaches a height of 30 meters and occupies an area of ​​almost 17 square meters. m. It is unusual its bronze frame, which has a round shape and weighing about 85 tons. Under the fountain is an underground restaurant, visitors of which can raise their heads and see the bronze ring and stream of water above themselves. Interestingly, the fountain is built in compliance with the rules of Feng Shuya. Now greenhouses from cellular polycarbonate are very popular.

Another outstanding fountain is the Haribdy fountain in Sanderland (Great Britain). Haribda is a mythological monster living in the ocean and swallowing ships by creating a whirlpool. The Haribdy fountain also a powerful whirlpool is created every 15 minutes. The fountain itself is enclosed in a frame of transparent plastic, which allows you to observe it, without fear of being a swallowed "monster".

But in Swanxi (Wales) there is an unremarkable fountain, which is painted with red from March 1 to 9. Locals called him "bloody". Why such a tradition has developed is unknown, maybe this is somehow connected with St. David Welsh, the patron saint of Wales, to whom the fountain is dedicated. On the rest of the days, the water in the fountain has a normal color.

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