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The role of voltage stabilizers in the energy system of the house

by miamigardens

Problems of using voltage stabilizer.

For owners of private houses, it will be interesting to know that the installation of voltage stabilizers for the home does not always give the desired result. The reason for this can be old transformer substations and worn cable lines. The problem is that, in contrast to city transformer substations, where a reserve for a large number of families is always significant, in the private sector, most often, everything is calculated on the alleged load. Now special problems arise with this issue, given that many owners of private houses are trying to expand, increasing the consumption of electricity. However, the majority does not even think about transformers and suitable cables. But the transformer is the main condition for high -quality power supply. This is followed by cable lines, and their condition often leaves much to be desired.

It is no secret that until now many owners have "sculpted" what they wanted. As a result, on cable lines, you can find joints of wires with a different section, inserts between the colored cables of pieces of steel ropes, twisting copper and aluminum, etc. D. All this has a tremendous negative impact on voltage in private sectors. If this situation has developed, then something is unlikely to help, except for the installation of new distribution networks, except that a new powerful transformer and a new high-quality introductory cable. A case in the private sector can be given. The owner of a small hotel bought and installed three voltage stabilizers of 15 kW each. As a result, he “planted” the transformer substation, as a result of which the neighbors got only 120-140 volts. Even incandescent lamps refused to glow. And the owner of the hotel himself almost reached 190 volts. A similar situation can be compared with the well: if someone alone uses a powerful pump, then the rest receive water on the bottom. Therefore, a 2 kW stabilizer would be enough for such a hotel.

Of course, an ordinary consumer cannot know how his stabilizer can affect the entire network. It can be assumed that when servicing with one transformer about a hundred houses, when the voltage in the spruce network reaches 190 volts, a 15 kW stabilizer will only worsen the power of the neighbors. If everyone does this, the voltage stabilizers will set themselves, then the substation can burn out. In this case, the issue should be resolved with the supplier of electricity. Let these problems resolve these problems.


Based on materials from the SINPRO website – the development and production of voltage stabilizers.

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