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How to choose high -quality floor varnish

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Everyone who has ever started repairs is faced with the problem of choosing the material with which they will have to work.

One of the spheres of finishing is the floor. The most popular flooring is parquet. When installing it, special attention must be paid to the varnish. Water -soluble varnishes. When applying to a wooden surface, a film is formed. The low content of solvents gives them a positive characteristic, but low wear resistance – on the contrary, negative. Varnishes of this species of non -wound, which allows you to use them in fire hazardous places.


Glacks based on artificial oil resins can penetrate deep into wood, they seem to “set fire to” wood, enhancing the color of the tree.

Ain -water polyurethane varnishes have good adhesive properties, which allows them to be used in rooms where there is intensive movement on the floor.

In those places where the strength of the floor covering is especially important, varnishes of acid curing are applicable. This type, especially the racks to temperature changes, as well as air humidity.

And finally, primer varnish. It is used in very rare cases, so it should be used or not, the specialist must determine. In general, when choosing varnish, it is recommended to consult with professionals in this field.

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