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Installation of drywall sheets

by miamigardens

Installation of drywall sheets (GKL) on the ceiling. Drywall is often used in the construction of the Finnish house. To do this, we need: for 1 sheet of GKL – metal screws – 30 pcs, “seed” screws – 30 pcs, profile sd – 10 meters, suspensions – 10pcs, dowel of a nail 6*40 30 pcs, outfit, if necessary, if necessary. Next, we carry out the fasteners of the suspensions to the ceiling, for this, using a drill or a perforator, we drill the holes. After the suspension fasteners, we produce the fasteners of the SD profile to the suspensions using a “seed”, if necessary, if we fasten the sheet not in the middle of the room, but near the wall, we fasten the profile of the SD to the wall, to which the profile of the must. The profile is attached around the perimeter of the room to the wall with a dowel with a nail 6*40, after dropping the entire structure 10 cm from the ceiling (leave a place for spotlight). With all this procedure, we must check the entire fastener level. Next, we fasten the GKL sheet. To do this, we need the help of another, and better than two people. We turn the GKL sheet, apply it to the frame of our fasteners and using a screwdriver fix the sheet on the ceiling with self -tapping screws. Many still fasten the GKL sheets with crabs, this can not be done, the design is well kept without them, and there the choice is yours!

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