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We close the door slopes

by miamigardens

As soon as you install a new door, you will have the task of making door slopes. To date, such materials as PVC, MDF panels, as well as other materials are used for door slopes.

By the fact that he wants not only to quickly close up the slopes, but also to save money, they can use foam, which is glued to the slopes using putty. Then plasterboard is laid on top of the foam. This method will help to make slopes in a few hours and at the same time they will be warm, since the foam is often used as a heater.

If you do not have the opportunity to buy materials, but you have sand and cement, then you can make a cement-sand solution of them and use it to make slopes. This method of shaking slopes is also effective, but will require the maximum investment of forces from you.

In addition, you will need a lot of time to carry out the seizure of the slopes and that the solution is completely dry. If the door slopes are too large, then you will have to apply the solution in several stages. The most important thing that will need to be followed is that the subsequent layer of the solution is applied only when the preliminary layer of the solution is completely dry.


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