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False field the device of the false floor

by miamigardens

For more than half a century, such an interesting flooring has been like an underfloor. As such, the false field is not a decorative coating, but rather a functional feature of the room where. The thousel allows you to effectively use the vertical space in a room with high ceilings.

The rafter, like a flooring, creates a higher surface in a room under which you can easily arrange communications of any degree of complexity, which eliminates the need to mount additional cable profiles on the walls. The most widespread false patches were received in offices and premises where a large number of computer equipment and other devices are located. All wires are hidden under the floor and are easily excreted in any convenient place. The installation of the false floor is not very complicated.

Falter – how it works?

This is carried out thanks to the composite structure of the false floor – it consists of many panels that are neatly fitted one to one. Different panels configuration allows you to create a convenient conclusion for a cable anywhere in the room. The same system provides the simplicity of installation – for access to the cable, if necessary, it is enough to remove one or two panels.


The false floor itself is installed on special metal racks and crossbars. Outwardly, such a design may seem unreliable-after all, people will walk, and this is a considerable load. But according to the results of the research, the false sexes withstand the load from 1000 kg per square meter of coating! At the same time, the design itself has a relatively small weight, easily collects and understands, which makes false pools indispensable where constant shifts are supposed to be located in the location of the floor and cables.

Postings allow you to adjust the height of the rabid if it is necessary – for example, if you need to lay the ventilation and cooling system for the computerized hall. Space under the false floor can be an excellent air duct. It is worth noting that the false patches comply with the standards for refractory and moisture resistance, and by a special order it is possible to manufacture a false floor that will prevent the accumulation of static electricity on devices and computers.

Falter panels are often not final coating. The rafter can be covered with carpet, linoleum, even tiles, if long -term use of the false floor is planned without changing its structure. For false sex, the cost of its installation is fully paid off by numerous advantages and prospects in operation.

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