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Material that is timeless

by miamigardens

What material was not so long ago the main thing in the construction of houses? Why is the tree early to delay from the list of building materials? Is it worth making a decision on choosing material in a hurry?

Changes in the assessment of building materials.

Not so long ago it was difficult to imagine the construction of a house without the use of such a building material as a tree. Recently, concrete has become the main building material. Which does not interfere with the use of a tree as a material for the design of the interior, let’s say the finishes of various surfaces. And sometimes a proposal to use a tree in some causes a condescending grin.

Therefore, if the house is built for a reason, and its idea is discussed even at the level of the project, then such an option as a massive oak board can look very natural even in the most modern house. With the right approach, of course.


Not quite fair criticism.

Skeptics today are trying to criticize this material, they say, it is not so durable and sometimes costs not cheap, but do not rush. Yes, of course, the price of parquet from a massive board is higher than the same linoleum. Sometimes, even very significantly. And it may seem that wood coating is really more expensive. But the fact is that the tree has a number of positive qualities that are characteristic only. It is heat capacity, convenience in processing, positive energy. Manufacturers of a massive board know about this and in every possible way try to interest the potential consumer with these qualities.

As for the shortcomings, then any building materials have them. To make the right choice, you need to take into account all the circumstances. That is, what loads will be carried by building materials, what humidity will be in a particular place, whether it will be possible to replace the design element from time to time.

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