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Loft style design

by miamigardens

The relevant trend in interior design is the design of apartments in the style of loft, which embodies the spirit of industrial time, looks fresh and original. This style appeared in New York, when people had to turn abandoned industrial premises into budget housing. Over time, the creativity of such interiors was appreciated by representatives of Manhattan bohemia, after which the design of apartments in the style of loft turned from a budget and very fashionable option for designing living space.

Distinctive features of the loft style are: the presence of brick masonry, pipes, rafters, beams, a “black” version of the walls that allow you to create an urban design of the interior, as well as modern furniture and functional appliances. In addition, loft -style interiors have a minimum of internal walls. Insulated, as a rule, are only a bathroom and a bathroom, sometimes a wardrobe. The rest of the space of the apartment is divided into functional zones. For their designation, a game is used with light, textures, colors, or partitions are installed (mainly made of glass). For interiors in the loft style, the presence of large windows (often throughout the wall) and high ceilings, the openness of the impressive size of the space is characteristic. Therefore, the loft style is best suited for decorating large apartments.


For loft interiors, furniture made in the style of minimalist sophistication is ideal, while it is best to give preference to functional transformer models. As for the materials, the products made of plastic, wood, and textiles are organic in this design. Chrome metal is the only material that should be avoided. It does not combine with the concept of loft.


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