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We develop a heating system with lower wiring

by miamigardens

Thinking about a cozy house, with a small site and a garden in which there would be a garden for a garden with their own hands, and inside there were huge rooms, high ceilings, unimaginable repair inside, excellent design atmosphere with imported equipment. But do not forget that comfort is when warm and comfortable in the house. Therefore, it is very important to decide on all possible options for heating your home.

Heating scheme with lower wiring

Today, the most popular in houses is a two -pipe or single -pipe system with a lower wiring through a common highway. Each of these systems is endowed with its pros and cons of. But most houses in the countries of the former Soviet Union use a single -pipe heating system. Conditionally, heating systems can be divided into two types. Depending on the place of installation of pipes, heating systems are divided into systems with possible wiring at the top or below. In the case when the hot pipe is above the heating element, the system is considered to be wiring at the top. If the hot pipeline is below heating elements, then the system is considered to be wiring below.

One -pipe heating systems


A single -pipe system in the house can be designed with both lower and upper wiring. In the system with the upper wiring, the coolant is first supplied up. Then hot water is distributed according to heating elements located at the top, from where it lowers to the lower heating elements. With such wiring, the water temperature in the highway decreases – at the top the highest temperature, the lowest below. To compensate for heat losses on the lower floors, they try to install radiators from the larger size, through the use of additional sections. But this does not always help, and very often the difference in temperatures on the upper and on the lower floors is very large.


The heating system with lower wiring is when both pipes (feeding and reverse) are located at the bottom of the house. Pipes are not suitable for the highest height, which means a lot and saves heat. The operation of the systems is based on such a simple principle: the supplied pipes entry are connected below, hot water is supplied to each floor. As the water rises up, all pipes and heating elements are filled up, and then lowered through the return pipe. The water gradually goes to the bottom and then falls into the overall reverse pipe. The air that remains in the system is pulled through special cranes on radiators. It is possible to adjust heat supply on each heating element thanks to the installed cran. A single -pipe system with wiring at the bottom has enough advantages relative to others, among them economy, which is due to the use of a small total length of the pipe. An important fact is also aesthetics, t.To. It is much easier to hide a smaller amount of pipe. A small minus is the inconvenience of heat adjustment in a separate radiator.

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