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The main trends in the wedding industry

by miamigardens

To organize the most beautiful wedding, you need to know the main trends.

Bride’s dress.

This season, the dress will sparkle with new colors: ivory, the colors of “champagne”, gold. The detail is a bright belt.

Short dresses and corsets are returning to fashion. Dresses without straps are also popular, but they are complemented.


Wedding hairstyle.

Loose hair decorated with fresh flowers from roses are now relevant, designers forget about the veil, and the veils are increasingly appearing in the collections.


The color of wedding shoes is very diverse. Most choose dairy, coffee, pearl shades, as well as pale pink and light blue tones.

The suit of the groom.

Dark brown, yellow-brown colors are popular this season, gray also remains a favorite color.


The bride’s bouquet should be made of fresh flowers, the main flower is a rose, but there are also Alstreria, Irises, orchids. The bouquet in color should differ greatly from the main gamut of the colors of the bride’s outfit.

White gold rings, platinum.

VIP limouses of light tones remain from machines.

The main trend of this season-prostation and naturalness.

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