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The main thing is prevention!

by miamigardens

When a series of fire measures begins? Which can serve as a source of danger? What is the most effective approach?

About the danger of fire, when it breaks out of control is written and said a lot. However, few people understand that the same fire events (PPM) really begin at the stage of building a house. Rather, they should begin. That is, at the design stage, fire safety requirements should be taken into account. Alas, this does not always happen, but it turns out only after the tragedy occurred and it became clear that, say, outputs for emergency evacuation are either absent at all, or are not able to ensure a quick exit of a large number of people.

When the building is already standing, the number of such measures should include the mandatory availability of fire extinguishing means, such as fire extinguishers, the presence of information in a prominent place for those inside the building, how to act in case of fire. If we are talking about a building where there will always be a lot of people, then it should be equipped with fire alarms, the working condition of which, of course, needs to be regularly checked.

Well, of course, control over the equipment that can become a source of fire – electrical wiring, heating devices, various engines. In general, if you summarize, we can conclude that this event will be successful if the approach is systemic.


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