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Choose ceramic facing tiles

by miamigardens

Ceramic facing tiles.

Ceramic facing tiles usually finish walls that are constantly exposed to pollution, water exposure and low or high temperatures. These are usually kitchens and bathrooms. Walls lined with tiles are perfectly washed and have good waterproofing properties.

Today on the market you can see ceramic facing tiles of a wide variety of colors and textures. It can be monophonic or with painting, imitate art tiles or natural stone, depict a panel and have angular fragments of decor. Leading world designers work on new ones with a fairly high cost, and it is able to decorate the room with the most luxurious interior with its presence.

On sale there are classic and modern tile collections. The classic consists, as a rule, their tiles of two background tones, which are complemented by decorative inserts with a pattern, borders with ornaments, various scenes and skirting boards. As for modern collections, there are no boundaries here fantasies. Tiles can be a purebat with uneven edges, embossed with all kinds of textures, voluminous with sculptural forms, and so on.


Ceramic facing tiles in the shape of a rectangle or small square is especially popular today. And the admirers of the creative choose tiles in the form of triangles or even circles for wall decoration. To create a unique decor, tiles in the form of mosaics, tiles with metal elements and glass tiles are often used.

The most democratic in its price range is the standard glazed ceramic facing tiles of certain dimensions and thickness. This is a universal tile, the unpretentious design of which can well serve as a worthy addition to any interior.

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