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Lada Xray part 2

by miamigardens

The modern autovaz crossover is designed for four people, in the cabin of each of whom is surrounded by a personal space, the design of which is made in a single style range. Unlimited access to the rear seats allows you to properly function the mechanism of movement and folding the front seats, at the same time leaving and allowing the back to throw the back forward.

The main aesthetic element of the door inner panels are inserts that are made according to the same principle that is strictly observed on the front panel. Adds security to the established handrail from the front passenger on the left, which looks like a car armor with a handle. It is also a continuation of the tunnel, which allocates the border between the interiors of passengers and the driver.

The design of the salon in the color scheme creates a soothing, stylish and at the same time harmonious atmosphere inside the machine. The bright light surface of the upper parts of the doors and the front panel creates a contrast with shades of brown and bronze colors, which helps to enrich the decoration of the inner interior of the Lada Xray car. In general, the contrast is precisely the technique that leads to the execution of each part separately and is also applied to the entire cabin as a whole. Absolutely all chairs have a design in the same style: leather sheathing of brown and bronze colors, a peach -colored string and the wounds of a light shade are combined so that dark elements resembling the form “x”, which is used in the design of the front line, are clearly visible on the pillows and backs.

The modern AvtoVAZ crossover demonstrates its brand output plans to new market segments and the development trend of a new image, ranging from the communal idea and ending with small details. The real future of AvtoVAZ is a crossover with a four -seater layout of the Lada Xray salon.


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