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Features of the colonial (American) style in landscape design

by marusia

The alluring American dream of a beautiful life is like a guiding star for many people. It is embodied not only in stories about successful Americans, but also in the colonial style in landscape design.

A comfortable house with an open veranda, a sunny lawn and comfortable garden furniture – this is how this garden appears, where the main role is given to idle rest. Minimum landscape maintenance and maximum opportunities for relaxation and relaxation. If this sounds like you, then we invite you to take a walk through the colonial (or American) garden.

In every detail of the colonial garden one can see the desire for relaxation and demonstration of the status of its owners. Once here, you will definitely want to grab a glass of wine and sit comfortably in a hammock, like a real American landowner.

The style’s name hints at its origins. Translated from Roman, “colonus” means a person who farms on rented land. The flourishing and formation of new colonies is invariably associated with the conquest of America. It was in the 15th – 17th centuries that the French, English and Spaniards moved to the shores of the new land to expand their possessions.


Instead of a cramped and small Europe, vast expanses with a unique topography opened up before the first settlers. Gradually, Europeans began to build houses and improve the area around them, abandoning the strict regularity of European gardens. A new direction in landscape design was emerging. Its development was influenced by the life of the indigenous population, the climatic features of the area, and the traditions of gardening art of the Old World. From this “mixture” the colonial style emerged, which subsequently became widespread in Europe itself.

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