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How to wash vinyl wallpaper with your own hands?

by miamigardens

Is it possible to wash vinyl wallpapers on how to perform the procedure correctly

The modern market for facing materials affects the assortment of vinyl wallpaper, they imitate textiles, plaster and various texture reliefs: stones, wood, etc.

Vinyl wallpapers, for the most part, consist of two layers: the lower – paper or non -woven, the upper one is polyvinyl chloride with different processing options.


How to wash

Each type of vinyl wallpaper has its own degree of water resistance, so the intensity of the cleaning of such wallpaper varies and directly depends on the structure of the upper layer.

We look at the marking: there are 4 types of icons indicating the moisture resistance of the material.

– In the square, the wave are weak -winged, which should be wiped with a soft, damp cloth, moistening it in a soap solution. The use of aggressive cleaning agents is not recommended.

– In a square 2 waves – you can wash with a sponge with small abrasive and use detergents.

– Three waves in a square – superpowered, withstand intense wet processing. Along with soap solutions, they can be cleaned with alcohol or solvents. Be careful, before use, check the wallpaper reaction to chemicals on the invisible area of ​​the coating.

– Square, three waves and a comb – wallpapers compact vinyl, silk -screen films. These can be rubbed with a brush with medium stiffness or use a washing vacuum cleaner. Be careful, you can not use acidic drugs to clean them.

As a rule, to wash vinyl wallpaper quite warm water and rub a little with a brush or cloth. But there are complex spots, for example, traces of alcohol felt -tip pen, which with soap solution, it will not work to wash off. In this case, take a cotton swab, moisten it with lemon juice, ants or vinegar and rub the pollution slightly. If the stain has not been removed the first time, after a few minutes the attempt to repeat.

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