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Peugeot 301

by miamigardens

The suspension works flawlessly. A loaded or empty car behaves on the road decently. She is happy to swallows shallow pits and only a very serious excavation on the road is able to create a problem. Wheel disks of top versions look stylish. Brakes in front are disk, and a drum type behind. A serious problem is the rutual of the road. It calls the "sea" pitching along the longitudinal axis. This phenomenon is felt especially at speed, over 110 kilometers per hour. The clearance of the car, although minimal, but sufficient. In general, the suspension can be placed in the pluses section. The force on the steering wheel is balanced, not quite "no" and not overly large. As it should be with a family car without complaints about sports. Theoretically there should be a noise, but it is practically not heard. In combination with the noise of rubber, with a noise of wind and a motor of 110 kilometers per hour, you can still endure, and 130 km/h is already becoming uncomfortable. Oncoming trips with trucks the car practically does not notice. But when overtaking a heavy car, you need to be careful, slightly leads to the left. The effect of the side wind is not noticeable. Diesel, he is in Africa diesel, works powerfully, as it should be diesel. Overtaking can be made directly from the fifth gear. The car accelerates somewhere from 1,800 revolutions per minute. Can easily be overtaken in fourth gear at a speed of 60-80 kilometers per hour. With overtaking everything is without problems. And so we are approaching what diesel engines are buying in crisis, before fuel consumption. There really is something to sing praises diesel. The optimal fuel consumption is 4.7-5 liters per hundred kilometers of the road. Such figures cannot but rejoice the body at current fuel prices. You are interested in information about ? Go to the website ProactionService

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