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Volvo from China

by miamigardens

Buying the Swedish concern Volvo in 2010 cost the Chinese company Geely almost 2.0 billion. dollars. As a result, in the new homeland of the Scandinavian cars, two plants were built at once, on which the Volvo company discs and tires will be installed on new models, the range of which you can see on the SHINMaster website-an online store of high-quality automobile tires.

The factory located in the city of Chenddu – a few days ago released his first brainchild. They became the S60 sedan, due to the elongated design of which, automobile developers of the model name S60L. In full force, the plant will work in about a month, and will produce about 125,000 cars that can buy, motorists of the Middle Kingdom. The second factory – in the city of Zhangjiakou – will begin work in a few months, and will specialize in the assembly of the engines.

Only China will be exclusive as the consumer of the new Volvo, since in other countries of the world community neither cast discs, nor car races, nor actually produced model will simply be sold. Officially, the S60L will be represented by the general public at the end of November, at the Motor Showzhou Auto Show, and pre -sale rubber does not intend to extend significantly and the inhabitants of the most populated in the world of the country will be able to purchase the elongated S60 at the beginning of the next year.

The technical characteristics of the machine are still known. According to preliminary data, a gasoline engine of 214 horses., with a volume of 2 liters, and an automatic six -speed transmission, the new Volvo S60 L will receive from his classic counterpart. More accurate information will be available after showing the novelty at the automobile exhibition, since it is there that consumers and journalists will not only be able to find out information about the used platform and equipment, but also compare the updated design from Chinese manufacturers with classic Volvo models.


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