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Work with a spacecraft The future comes today

by miamigardens

The first people who visited space became heroes and universal favorites. Their names know the whole world. After all, at that time, every cosmic flight was a real feat. But times are changing. Technical progress, moving seven -mini steps, confidently captures more and more territories of our reality, and once heroic acts, gradually go into the category of ordinary work.

The young and promising company Plary Resources Inc, previously known as Arkyd Astronautics, setting the main task to expand the base of the Earth’s natural resources, persistently goes to its goal. In other words, the company develops flight technologies into space, with the aim of industrial development of asteroids. The company’s website opened jobs with a spacecraft. Anyone can leave their resume.

Some can perceive it as an inept joke of the "yellow" press. However, representatives of the Silicon Valley, which is the southern part of the Metropolitan Statistical Range (MSA) of the United States, other opinions on this subject. MSA provides significant support for Plary Resources Inc. The world famous director James Cameron also became interested in this project. As you can see, the attitude of investors is very serious.

At the moment, Plary Resources Inc has three satellites for space intelligence. Using these devices, the search for promising asteroids will be carried out. Who knows, maybe in the coming years, ideas that seemed fantastic will gain very real forms, and the profession of a cosmic miner will become an everyday occupation of a certain part of humanity. Perhaps you will become one of these people.


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