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Or do it right or nothing

by miamigardens

If you are a real owner, then the construction of a new house will begin with geological research of your site. This will save a lot of money.

Geology before building a house will cost you a tidy amount, about 50.000 rubles. It is a lot or little to judge you. Personally, I have seen many times with my own eyes, at home with cracks and empty boxes of emergency houses.

Interestingly, everyone has about the same story. Saved on the geology of the site, as a result, the foundation defects began at first, then cracks appeared on the walls, on the windows, and then the defects were found on the rest of the rest. Ultimately, the construction has to be laid out twice as much as planned, called, saved.

And it was only necessary to tie a typical project to a specific, exclusive construction site, to conduct geological surveys. A simple person cannot see through the ground, tea is not a psychic.


For some reason, it is not customary to save on children in Russia, although this is quite possible. Many superstitious parents stubbornly prefer to buy only new and expensive babies. Most likely, they are right. Children are the best. So why is such an ugly attitude to the future house where the child will live?

How can we talk about architecture, about design, discuss design, construction, etc., if the most important thing is not done – a geological study.

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