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Little things that cannot be forgotten about!

by miamigardens

Construction as a continuous process. What else needs to be done at the planning stage? Why there can be no little things in construction?

Still, they say correctly, “The contents of the tin can know the one who has a canned knife, and not the one who knows how to read”. The fact that many things from the outside look at all so when you come across them, as they say, close.

One of the striking examples is the construction. How many so -called small details, about which we have no idea, they force us when to curse, and when to curse the day when we decided to start building. It seems that they did everything the most important thing – the foundation, walls, even finished the roof. There was a trifle left – epaulets. And here problems begin, because they, it turns out, in the same place do not fit in size, in another not from that material, in the third it is generally not clear how to fix them.

Something like that? And these are platbands, skirting boards, layouts, glazing and the like … So that there are no problems with them, you need to think about them from the very beginning, even at the design stage, in order to know how the windows will be framed, through which the corners in the rooms will be launched, how to hide the edges of the floorboards in the rooms and the like. Because only with this approach can you order in advance everything you need, and the Masters of the corresponding to choose. And if you hope that everything will somehow be resolved in the process of work, then nothing good will come of it. Either the delay in the work will be serious, or everything will look so that it will be ashamed of people to show ..


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