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Stages of installation of plastic windows with your own hands

by miamigardens

Plastic ones have long appeared in the building materials market and since then gained considerable popularity among the population. Many people strive to replace old, rotten wooden frames, installed back in the time of the Soviet Union with brand new plastic frames with double glazed windows. And this is not surprising, because the windows have excellent tightness, reliably protect the room from the penetration of cold air and look quite attractive.

In addition, the main advantages include the simplicity of installation. In fact, even a non -professional will cope with the installation of such windows. Everything that is required of a person is a little patience and a desire to learn how to do something new with your own hands. Along with this, I would like to note situations when it is necessary to mount windows with unpacking. Such cases are associated with a large size of window openings or with the floor on which you live.

Installation options

At the moment, only two methods of installing plastic windows are used:


With unpacking.

Without unpacking.

The first option involves the use of preliminary disassembly, that is, it is necessary to dismantle graduates and double -glazed windows. After the frames are securely fixed, they are mounted back. This method has some disadvantages:

double -glazed windows after installation begin to fog;

the appearance of the structure as a whole is deteriorating (cracks, chips appear);

a lot of power and time costs from the installer, that is, you.

In the second option, there are no above shortcomings, which makes it more in demand. The installation of the frame involves mounting fasteners that are on the outer surface.

Brief phased instructions for installing

First you should take care of dismantling. The old frame must be carefully removed and taken to the landfill. Deaf windows are dismantled in the following sequence:

I. Staps are stretched.

II. Glasses are taken out.

Preparation of the structure for installation. When installing not a deaf glass packet, it is worth taking care of its closed state so that the construction foam, which will fill the void between the frame and the opening, does not arise the structure.

Installation of the structure. First of all, it is worth marking the mounting places with an interval of 700 mm, and the out-of-the-line extensions should not exceed 100-150 mm.

Installation of the windowsill. Often this structure is provided with a margin for unforeseen situations. But if you have clearly in size, then the extra piece must be cut off. The installation is carried out strictly in level, and the plugs are attached using super-cell.

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