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How to make gypsum stucco on your own

by miamigardens

In the interior of the classic style, gypsum stucco molding is often used quite often. She gives the interior grace and nobility. Stucco molding, made by professionals, looks incredibly beautiful, but it will cost quite expensive. You can make such decorative elements and with your own hands.

Gypsum has a large number of advantages. It is natural, environmentally friendly. This material does not distinguish any harmful substances, it is also resistant to various fungi. So gypsum stucco molding can be safely used even in children’s rooms. There is only one disadvantage of gypsum stucco molding – fragility.

If you do not have experience in doing such work, then first you will have to practice. Before starting work, you need to make a sketch and accurately determine the size. Properly completed stucco will make the interior design of the house very majestic. But if you are not sure that you can handle work, it is better to contact professional designers.

The selected sketch will need to be printed in full size. On it from clay or plasticine, the future model is sculpted. After you have prepared the model, you can begin to take it in shape. At home, you can make forms of silicone.


Previously, it is worth treating the model with grease so that the form moves away from it without difficulty. For large and complex figures, a plaster base is necessary. So the form will have a given view. Let the form dry, and then remove them of it model. By the way, you can purchase silicone forms in stores where items are presented for needlework.

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