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Report on the operation of a wagon domo wagon at the Caucasus Reserve

by miamigardens

Hello Dear visitors,

We are in a hurry with the news about the operation of the car-house. Six months ago, the Caucasian Reserve purchased a mobile complex of 2 residential cars and 1 dining room kitchen. The complex is necessary for a comfortable residence of the research and security groups of the reserve. The reserve has about 50 rare species of the animal world, a huge number of fauna representatives, on the study of which specialists of the reserve were sent.

Unfortunately, the question of the activity of poachers is acute in the protected area. To solve this problem, a reserved cordon was organized from our mobile buildings. According to the results of 2013, the percentage of suppression of illegal actions increased by 10%, which indicates the effectiveness of the mobile cordon.

The mobile complex is designed to accommodate 10 people. In the residential area 2 wide, soft and 4 bunk beds. The complex is equipped with a dining room for 5 seats, as well as an office room for 3 people.


Currently, the reserve is actively developing a tourist direction. The guests of the reserve can visit the “aviary complex”, a unique natural monument “Khostinsk Tyssachmic Grove”, which is a pre -over the forest and has more than 400 species of plants. Also, visitors can admire the picturesque appearance of the Canyon “Damn Gate” and imbued with the energy of the ancient monument – dolmens. To implement tourist plans, representatives of the reserve decided to purchase several more mobile buildings.

Given the difficulties in delivery, the reserve proposed options for a series of Bastion-Domes of the Bastion, a distinctive characteristic of which is an increased resistance to damage. In addition, roof installation for a ready -made mobile complex is planned.

Competitive advantages of Bastion mobile buildings:

Northern performance. We make mobile buildings using special technology – glued sandwich panels. The room has isothermal properties and can be operated in the temperature range from +45º to -60º. We also mount low-speed doors from sandwich panels, which also provide warm and comfortable accommodation in our wagons, resistant to low temperatures.

Increased comfort. Sliding interior doors, a special heating and ventilation system, protective window outer blinds, shoes for drying shoes, sections for drying outer clothing, heated ventilated rolls, wide soft beds and many other additional options provide a cozy stay in our mobile buildings.

Resistance to damage. Especially for the series of the Bastion-Doms series, an external metal frame has been developed, which enhances the building of the building, without violating the integrity of the structure. Thus, the car does not have cold bridges and is protected from damage as much as possible. It should be noted that the thickness of the metal layer of walls is 2mm.

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