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Good heat with the Czech guarantee

by miamigardens

The Korado company of Czech origin is a leader in the European market in the production and sale of heating equipment, and activities have been there for more than two decades. Among the entire range of products, the most popular units are steel radiators designed for installation in centralized and individual heating systems. The permissible operating pressure is 0.1 MPa, and the role of the coolant gets water, a water steam with a maximum permissible temperature of 110 degrees. A steel radiator can be used for systems with natural or forced air circulation. Radiators of Curdos have already managed to capture most of the market of specialized heating products, and the annual sales reaches 200 thousand products. Steel radiators are great for the improvement and heating of residential buildings, apartments, public premises, office buildings, educational institutions, industrial premises of small squares.

The uniqueness of the Czech brand radiators is due to high heat transfer and efficient operation. The appearance of heating units attracts with its spectacular design, a harmonious combination with any interior style, in addition, they are quite compact, strong, durable, convenient to use, easy to install, and also attract their inexpensive price.

Due to convenient and practical fasteners, there are no inconvenience in the process of their connection to the heating system from either side, and the latest models are equipped with additional options and functional details.

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