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House protection from mold and fungus

by miamigardens

Mold and fungus very unfavorable affect construction structures. To protect the house from such troubles, you need mandatory processing. For these purposes, various antiseptic agents are provided.

You can also use wood processing tools.

Brick structures can be protected using a special masonry mixture, its composition has hydrophobic joints. You can also add copper sulfate to the usual masonry mixture.

You can protect the already built building if you use paints and varnishes based on hydrophobizers. Such products penetrate deeply inside, without forming crusts on the surface, which allows the design to “breathe”. In addition, they are harmless and environmentally friendly. Before starting repairs in the apartment, you should visit the DGU construction portal and get a valuable consultation there. He will tell you where to start and where to buy building materials cheaper. After all, now in the construction market you can easily buy defective building materials, and after that you will have to buy new ones and redo the apartment renovation.


Natural and artificial stone will protect transparent protective materials. They include silicon compounds that have no color. On a surface treated in this way, a water -repellent layer is formed that does not deprive the surface of the ability to breathe. You can also use the method of hinged facade protection, such as siding or decorative tiles based on antiseptic additives. And if the fungus or mold was already striking the structure, then before processing it is necessary to eliminate them.

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