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Let’s talk about timers

by miamigardens

Tiemers are devices that are used in the industrial as well as in the household sphere.

Such a device helps to automate the voltage supply process, and also saves electric energy, which is very relevant today. Due to the wide range of such products, it is very simple to choose a timer as sockets in Dnepropetrovsk.

Tiemers are used to turn on/off the equipment, as well as equipment for some temporary algorithm. They can be used in houses and apartments, industrial buildings and working rooms.

With the help of such a purchase, you can solve a variety of problems. Tiemers help to set the time for turning on and disconnecting light on the territory of the building, as well as determine the interval through which the watering, air conditioning, heating and ventilation system starts to start.


The largest differences in various models of such devices are the principle of operation, work cycle, as well as the type of installation. By their principle of action, timers are electromechanical/electronic. As for the type of installation, according to this criterion, the products are divided into timers of a mounted and outlet type.

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