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House facade and corrugated board

by miamigardens

Today, such material as corrugated board is already used today. The sheets of corrugated board are used both to cover the roofs and to cover the outer walls of the house. Installation of the wall version of corrugated board can be carried out on the internal, as well as on the outside of the wall of the house. In this case, you can take either the PS-8th brand or, in the interval from it to PS-20.

Roofing corrugated board, just like the wall should be attached with screws (self -supporting), which have the following characteristics: 4.8 × 38. These characteristics of self -supported screws are enough for normal docking of corrugated board with the wall. But their number should be equal to six copies per square meter. You will need a washing of the facades.

Walls covered with corrugated sheets with ventilated characteristics are a complex design of not only one corrugated board, but also a carrying enclosing structure, insulation, small and ordinary Z-shaped corrugated film, windburial film. All this as a whole and creates an excellent heat -insulating and ventilated layer of the house.

It is also worth saying about the basement bar, which performs the function of a harmonious transition from the base to the corrugated board. But if your house is built without a basement, then there is nothing to smooth out here.


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