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Land reclamation work on the land

by miamigardens

When choosing and purchasing a plot for building a country house, each owner is obliged to evaluate its relief and location, study the depth of groundwater and the movement of flows formed as a result of the loss of atmospheric precipitation. This will help to evaluate the scale of the investments that may be required for reclamation work on the site of the future country house, and most of them are best carried out before the start of construction, otherwise, say, the floating or cracked foundation will pierce a tangible gap in the construction estimate, and the lack of a stormwood laid on time sewage in general is capable of blocking the passage to the construction. These, of course, are extreme cases, but they, as well as smaller troubles, can be avoided by assessing the condition of the site, and ensuring the implementation of work such as drainage of the site, the price of which varies depending on the volume of work.

The drainage of the site can be of two types; superficial and deep. The first type of drainage is the usual reclamation ditches that collect water on the site and divert it from the territory. Such grooves are dug up with a certain slope leading either to the diving point of water, or to the sewer well. They can be left in its original form, but it is better to make their walls more durable, sowing the lawn grass, or by giving them. Part of the surface drainage is a storm sewer that diverts precipitation from the walls of the house.

The device of deep drainage is a more time -consuming and expensive event. In order to build a deep drainage, ditches are laid at the beginning, also with a bias, and orientation to the place of output of the drains. Gravel is poured into the resulting ditches, it is redeveloped and drainage pipes, ceramic or propylene are laid. These pipes have holes through which water gets inside, which must be taken from the site. Gravel is also poured on top, and then the soil. A properly constructed and served drainage system is capable of functioning for decades, regularly removing drains from the territory. By competently using reclamation techniques, you can ennoble and make almost any land allotment suitable for construction and agriculture. Of course, the conduct of such work cannot cost cheaply, but the result in the form of a land plot suitable for the economic use of the land is worth it.

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