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Ceiling repair

by miamigardens

One of the main stages of apartment repair is the repair of ceilings.

The ancients considered the ceiling a decoration of their housing. In rich dwellings, the ceilings were finished with stucco molding, expensive silk, and shameal gold.

In the houses more victorious on the ceilings were painted.

Nowadays, the ceilings also do not go unnoticed.


Modern construction markets are replete with finishing materials and allow you to choose any materials for the most daring projects.

Only fantasy and desire are necessary for the ceiling to be beautiful or modest, but neat. The finishing of the ceilings depends on the type of material and is divided into several types: 1 painted ceiling (several layers of paint is applied) 2 metal ceiling (sheathed with iron) 3 wooden ceiling (with wooden planks) 4 ceiling from natural stone (light natural stone, for example, limestone-racer) 5 Mirror ceiling (trimmed with a mirror) 6 gypsum ceiling (stucco molding from gypsum to the ceiling, drywall) 7 ceiling finished with plastic slabs 8 ceiling covered with fabric or textile wallpaper 9 ceiling pasted with wallpaper or oilcloth

The ceiling happens: painted, bearing, suspended, adhesive, stretch.

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