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Where to buy cement?

by miamigardens

The question of where to buy cement turned out to be much more complicated than it seems at first glance

Having started a grandiose construction, after registering all the documents, I decided to start to be stocked up with building materials. First of all, I brought several trucks of crushed stone and sand, then it was planned to buy cement. No matter how far the construction industry would have stepped, but without this building material proven for centuries, you can not do.

Belief is not worth it


Having seen enough anti -advertisements about fake cement and fake building mixtures, as well as listening to the advice of the experienced ones, it was decided to conduct its own monitoring of this market segment and make an exceptionally correct choice. I absolutely did not want to be a deceived unscrupulous supplier and then reap the fruits of my own illiteracy. Having absorbed thousands of words of negative information, he learned that unscrupulous suppliers of cement can elementarily hang out (this is the most harmless fraud) or pour into a bag, crushed construction garbage (such manipulations are fraught with the destruction of constructed structures).

We study the market

Having traveled a lot of construction stores (in the old days) and watching many goods, I found out an unpleasant thing. Many sellers relate to their duties through the sleeves, completely without thinking about the final consumers. Someone had a cement unreasonably in the open air, for someone, the packaging was completely spoiled, and in one of the markets of the market they clearly sold an unknown mixture under the guise of cement.

Disappointed in the results of his own monitoring, once again turned to the Internet, where one of the requests for high-quality cement in the issuance of the online store Cement-I-Semesi appeared on one of the requests. Again, without believing the words of the site advertising, I read a lot of reviews of real buyers about products and about the resource itself, I decided to order it from them and not because they seemed so ideal, but because there were no more desires to look for any more desires, and buyers of this Internet The portal did not show a single deplorable review.

The answer was at hand

Having filled out the form on the site and phoned the operator, I placed an order (by the way, my large batch did not surprise them at all). The polite manager specified all the details, the brand of cement, volume, delivery time and other parameters. There was no bounds to my surprise when the very next day I contacted me, the operator and asked if it was convenient for me to meet the goods. The truck brought everything as expected, the packaging was in perfect condition, the specialist explained the storage features (I myself knew this, but also pleasant). Builders who began the construction of the foundation, and then the walls noted the high quality of the purchase made by me.

Good luck

My advice to all people who start a construction or repair do not rush about the expanses of their city, but to order cement in this or similar stores. It is about Cement-I-Smesi, I can assure from my experience everything honestly and without deception. Those who consider my opinion by advertising, I wish you good luck in construction and the search for high -quality building materials.

Sincerely, a resident of Troitsk Viktor Sergeevich Konovalov.

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