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The scope of the OSP plates

by miamigardens

Focusing and scraping plates embody the main advantages of natural wood and do not have significant drawbacks of chipboard and plywood. OSP plates are used in various areas of construction.

Today OSP plates are also used in the production of furniture. For example, high -quality modular walls are made from OSP. If you want to purchase modular walls and other furniture, we advise you to visit the Bestmebelik furniture online store. .

The plate includes three layers of chips of coniferous wood. In the outer layers, the chips are located along the plate, in the inner layer – perpendicular to the external. A similar organization of the location of the chip provides OSP with increased strength.

Focusing and scraping slabs are distinguished by good absorption of sounds, high rigidity, resistance to wind loads. The material is widely used when creating a continuous crate under the roofing.


OSP strength and rigidity allows them to use them when creating the base for flooring of various types. From the plates you can create supporting lags or moisture -resistant continuous coating. Widely used to create the base of the floor in light structures.

The absence of deformation processes under the influence of external factors allows the use of slabs in the external decoration of buildings. The material is used to create a sheathing for decorative cladding and when erecting partitions, manufacture doors and furniture.

Technical characteristics of the OSS allow them to be used as a frame in the construction of low -rise shield houses. Gain the spread of the plate in the arrangement of removable formwork of reusable use.

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