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Wall decoration with MDF panels

by miamigardens

Thanks to a simple design and a well -thought -out mount system, the installation of MDF panels can be carried out at home on your own.

The technology for the wall decoration device with MDF panels is performed in the following sequence: • Before the installation, the panel must lie down in the room with room temperature.

• The surface under the panel must be prepared, repaired, stress.

• Install the crate perpendicular to the direction of installation of MDF panels.


• Reinch the corner profiles, skirting boards-hardware profiles.

• Wall decoration with MDF panels is carried out using mounts such as glue, stapler brackets, nails, screws, clips.

• The panels are installed directly on the crate and are attached to it. Between themselves, they are fastened with a castle mechanism.

• Decorative corners are installed at the junction of the panels.

For the durability of the MDF panel, during operation, you need to protect from blows and damage, care for soft means and materials.

If you observe the above installation technology, then the decoration of the walls with MDF panels will turn out to be of high quality and will delight you for many years.

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