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How to choose a mixer

by miamigardens

How to choose a mixer

The faucets, today, are most often chosen in accordance with the design of the shower room. Each company for the production of mixers can find a large number of different options for mixers. On the market, at the moment, two different types of mixers are represented: 1) single -leaf. Due to the fact that they are easy to use, they have gained great popularity in the market. To supply water or its restrictions, you just need to turn the crane in one or the other side. Stream power, water temperature is also easy to adjust.

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2) two -wound. This is a gusak with two rotary handles. One handle for hot water, and the other for supplying cold water. In order to achieve the required temperature, it is necessary to attach a larger amount of movements and time, compared to one -sided. Although the result is more accurate. Also, two valves make it possible to save the volume of water economically. There are also faucets – thermostats, they appeared not so long ago. They are a panel with several handles. One handle is needed to supply or limit water supply, the other to set up temperature. The settings you have made are preserved, and therefore there is no need to constantly configure.


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