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Installation of electrical wiring

by miamigardens

Before starting installation work, it is necessary to draw up a plan. This drawing should be based on two basic principles – the wiring should be convenient when used, as well as safe. In order to develop a plan, you need to know several basic rules that will be considered in this article.1. All the main elements of the wiring, such as counters, switches, sockets, and so on, should be located so that they can easily be selected in case of breakdown. Recently, for building advice, everyone appealed to the construction portal in Samara Stroyvsamare. .

2. Switches should be at an altitude of about 1.5 meters from the floor. When drawing up the plan, it should be borne in mind that the front door should not interfere with free access to the switch.

3. It is better to lay wires only in parallel and perpendicular to the floor. The places where the wires pass, it is necessary to remember exactly so that with further repair work, not to accidentally hurt them.

4. It is necessary to take into account various environmental factors that can negatively affect the wiring. So, the wires should not in contact with metal structures. Experts advise not to lay wiring at a distance of less than 40 centimeters from gas pipes, as well as pipes with hot water.


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