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DVP for the floor as a base

by miamigardens

When leveling the floor, you can use wooden slabs that perfectly hide the cracks and defects of the lower layer. It is worth taking a fiberboard three millimeters thick, which is perfect for any room.

If the fiberboard is not saturated with oil, then it should be moistened with water so that the moisture content of the tree is the same as in the room. If this is not done, then in the future there will be deformation of the plates. Staging a fiberboard stands close from the window to the opposite wall. The sheet should lie completely smooth without any distortions and clearance. Before fixing the first sheet, be sure to check whether it lay tight, and is there any bumps and distortions.

It is necessary to lay the plates with the back side up, since the rough surface will perfectly serve in the future to adapt the next coating. Do not connect four plates at one point, do not allow the formation of narrow strips of fiberboard along the walls. For fastening, use brackets or nails 19 millimeters. Currently, many use mastic for fiberboard.

To fit the fiberboard more tightly to the floor, it should be pressed with a knee and begin to drive out nails from the center to the ends of the opposite side, placing fasteners in the form of a pyramid.


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