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Consolidation of blinds on a plastic window

by miamigardens

The blinds are a decorative element that can perform several functions:

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• decorate,


• Protect from penetration into the house of the scorching sun.

• Create a shadow.

To date, manufacturers of the blinds thought that they can be installed on plastic windows. The installation of blinds itself can be made in several ways, for example, to install from the window itself or between the frames themselves.

The first thing you will need to do is immediately check the blinds for all the necessary details. After that, you must attach to the blind window and attach them where you need. The fastening of window blinds itself is carried out using screws. To do this, you can screw the blinds manually or use a screwdriver.

As soon as the blinds are installed, you can see small “ears” fasteners of the sash and the window itself. This phenomenon is considered correct, and will have to meet certain norms. In order to somehow align this space, you can use special gaskets that will help your child feel more comfortable.

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