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How to choose linoleum for the kitchen?

by miamigardens

Many asked the question "how to choose a linoleum for the kitchen". To choose high -quality and inexpensive linoleum, you need to adhere to the following rules.

1. Before you purchase this or that product, request a certificate of quality, conformity and hygiene from the supplier (it is also called sanitary) to be calm yourself and protect yourself and your loved ones from poor -quality products.

2. Determine in which room the linoleum will stretch: residential, office or industrial (distribution according to the EN 685 standard). Next, you need to understand what loads will experience the floor covering (described in the above standard)-pressure from the 1st person or from many.

3. The thickness of the linoleum canvas can say about the wear resistance of the coating: from 0.1 millimeters to 0.6 millimeters, which is also distributed into classes – from household to commercial, respectively. Linoleum is quite suitable for kitchen rooms, the thickness of which varies from 0.1 to 0.3 mm.


4. Most of the types of linoleum have a fiberglass in their composition, which provides sufficient resistance to tensile stress. However, it is necessary to beware of cheap products that are still found in the building materials market. Usually they stand out from the entire mass quality of execution.

5. The quality of the flooring also depends on another layer of which the linoleum canvas consists of is a varnish coating. It helps to fill micropores, prevents corrosion of material and pollution.

6. The presence of a pile on the back of the linoleum will give a small percentage of thermal insulation, which is critical if there is a high loss of thermal energy in the kitchen.

7. The drawing should be in harmony with the color scheme of wall cladding. Bright colors are striking, however, over time they fade.

It is these seven rules that will give a certain answer how to choose linoleum for the kitchen.

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