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Glazing of balconies

by miamigardens

The rain, wind and cold are still hosting your balcony? Of course, your problems will solve the glazing of the balcony. In addition, you will have an additional room, and your apartment will become even more comfortable.

Now glanding the balcony is no longer a novelty, but still requires a significant spending of your budget. Naturally, these costs will be justified in the future. In addition, when ordering to order, experts will do their job completely free and quickly.

To date, two types of glazing balconies are most popular:

1. With installation of PVC windows


2. Using aluminum profile.

The choice of the optimal type of glazing for you depends on you, your budget and the appointment of a balcony for you.

The installation of plastic windows is also called warm glazing. Thanks to him, you can arrange a study or rest room from the balcony. This type of window is sealed, protect from wind, dust, noise, cold. In addition, double -glazed windows are very easy to operate, easily open and close. They also differ in strength and resistance to physical exertion.

In modern Russia, the use of Provedal profile is in great popularity. This is an economical and practical way of glazing. This profile is easy to use and does not require special care.

The aluminum profile will not allow you to create an additional warm space, since it is also called cold glazing and the temperature on aluminum balconies will only be 8 degrees higher than street.

Choosing the right type of glazing the balcony is very difficult. It is necessary to determine how much your budget has and why you actually glance the balcony. Most often, in addition to glazing, we also need to insulate the balcony and make the interior finish. Therefore, the actual set of works on the installation of plastic windows and the finish of the balcony gives us the opportunity to get additional space in your apartment rightfully considered a separate room.

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