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Robotics at the Safety Service Part 3

by miamigardens

Self -governing cars are currently undergoing tests. So in the USA in California a bill has already entered into force, allowing to test such cars on public roads. Cars managed by robots will freely drive the roads of California, but with one condition: a person, just in case, all should be in a passenger seat. The design of such robotors includes: a radar with three -dimensional scanning of the area, a system for recognizing traffic light signals, navigation sensors, additional radars of determining the distance to objects. The main radar is placed on the roof of the car and looks through the area in all directions at a distance of 70 meters. The main management is carried out by a computer that, in addition to processing information from sensors, is associated with a global network, from which it receives information about the location of traffic lights, signs, road signs and the number of lanes. Car management of a computer excludes such an important detail as the "human factor". The robot does not get tired, does not nervous, does not fall asleep, is not distracted, in other words it is almost an ideal driver. You can order on the site:

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