Home Architecture Water from the well to the house

Water from the well to the house

by miamigardens

Each homeowner dreams of having a reliable and effective water supply system. The situation is widespread when the well is the only source of water nearby. Accordingly, the task of supplying water from the well is arranged. How to conduct water from a well to a house is written in detail on the forum here you can find other useful construction tips.

There are several options and in each case one of them will be appropriate. For example, if there is enough free space in the well, then it makes sense to install a pumping station in it and lay a pipe from it into the house.

Another option involves the use of a submersible pump in a well, and in the room to install a storage capacity. It can be a receiver with a pressure sensor that will control the operation of the pump. If it is decided to put the tank in the attic, then the overflow sensor should be installed in it, in this case, the water supply will be carried out under its own pressure.

In all these options, special attention is given to laying the pipe, in particular the depth of the laying. It is recommended to lay it below the level of freezing of the soil, which depends on the region. There is another solution in which the pipe is initially laid at a minimum depth, but with a bias to the well. The station, having pumped the required volume of water into the receiver, will turn off, and excess water will go back to the source. It is important to note two aspects: firstly, the water will not freeze in movement, and secondly, the water from the well comes with a plus temperature.


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