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How to paint parquet yourself

by miamigardens

Parquet painting is a great way to give home comfort and surprise guests. Almost any person can do such a job on your own. For painting parquet, you can use water -based paint. 1 liter banks is enough for 13-15 square meters. meters. The main plus of such paint is the lack of a pungent odor and quick drying. Parquet covered with a water emulsion will dry out after 2-4 hours.

Stir the paint thoroughly before painting, if it is too thick, add a little water. It is most convenient to use a wide roller for work, since applying paint with a brush will take much more time. Wet the roller in the paint and gently stain each parquet board. It is necessary to apply 2 thin layers of paint, and the second layer is applied no earlier than 4 hours after applying the first.

Do not forget that the use of parquet is an unreasonable waste of "green lungs" of our planet. To make amends, you can buy a Siberian cedar and plant it next to your dacha.

Do not stain the parquet with a thick and thick layer, otherwise the texture of the planks will be poorly visible, and the coating will look flat and unattractive. Your task is only to give the parquet a shade, while maintaining its texture.


When the paint is completely dry, the parquet is covered with a layer of colorless water -based varnish. This is necessary to protect the painted surface from the action of water, alcohol and household chemicals. Apply the varnish neatly with a thin layer, making sure that air bubbles do not form in it. It may take up to 5 days to complete the varnish completely.

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