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Textured paint

by miamigardens

Most often, the process of painting is considered as a series of monotonous actions in order to give the walls or other surfaces a uniform look, but if you want to diversify the interior of the room, you can use textured paint. This type of paint, in addition to creating any color scheme, has a number of advantages to them: environmental friendliness. Achieved thanks to, water acrylic dispersion, which is part of the paint.

Fire safety.

Durability. This type of paint retains its color longer than most types of wallpaper.

Universality – any surface is painful. Also in the repair, the stump rope is often used to buy it recommended together with all building materials.


Practically no allergies.

With a skillful approach, this is a rather cheap finishing material.

There are several methods of finishing.

Using a Teflon spatula – allows you to apply small parts.

With the help of a spray gun. Requires special skills.

With the help of a conventional roller – does not require special skills, but using this method, you will lose in beauty.

To paint the room beautifully and efficiently, you need practical skills. It is best to trust a professional, but if you think that you can handle this work, dare.

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