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We work with a manual saw |

by miamigardens

During the use of a manual saw, you need to know what a straight cut is needed or a curve. In order to cut the material in a straight line, you must first draw this line and that it would be even. For sawing strictly along this line, you need to put the guides, for example, a liner beam is suitable, it is attached along the drawn line.

We begin to saw, put a manual file directly on the line that we drew at the very edge of the material, this edge should be from the opposite side. Put the index finger near the blade itself. We set the direction. To set the direction, you must use the finger that we installed near the blade. In order to make the right tie of the saw blade we pull on ourselves.

Starting to saw, it should be slowly, the blade should be held almost parallel to the board itself, this should be done until the drink is full,

Then we tilt the saw blade strictly at an angle of forty -five degrees, and continue to saw along the drawn line, the blade should be pushed constantly.


The length of the file is better to use the whole. In order to cut wood with a thickness of less than five millimeters, you should use a file with small teeth. The blade does not need to straighten. Because with a decrease in the thickness of the material, the blade should be more tilt to horizontal location.

Ending the cut, it is necessary to reduce the speed of sawing. The second part of the sawed material must be held with the second hand. This will prevent large faults of the material.

If you need to cut the material on the curve line, then the ruler will not help you. Here, as they say by eye, it should be saw.

Using the window saw, you are a small turn of your hand, make the blade turn along the drawn line. When using a strip saw, saw on the designated line, wrapping only the back of the file itself, and not the blade.

Observing this, you do not very much shift the blade, and your section will be quite even.

To saw the material of a large area along the straight or crooked lines, the grooves should be drilled in the corners of the lines, and the slot should place the blades of the window or strip saw.

To avoid breaking the material during sawing, it is necessary to lay a beam from wood from the side where the file blade will come out.

We block everything using screw clamps. Gaps will appear on the bar. Another method is glued with a tape with an adhesive piece along the drawn line for sawing.

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