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Good is not forgotten and does not disappear!

by miamigardens

Is all old technologies not withstand competition? What is the characteristic of the paving slabs? Thanks to whom it has become popular?

In recent years, somewhere has already become familiar to the phenomenon that new technologies have replaced what has been used for decades, or even centuries ago. But, it turns out, there are areas in which there is something like a return to what was before. Right on the proverb – "New is a well -forgotten old".

This is that the low quality of asphalt has led to the fact that our sidewalks in many cities have turned into real landfills to test the dexterity and attentiveness of pedestrians. Cracks, pits and generally the complete absence of asphalt for meters, or even tens of meters, led to the fact that representatives of private business, who tried to put in order the sidewalk in front of their store, cafe or workshop, began to look for an alternative. And found!

It is called paving slabs. If you follow the link, you can learn a lot about this, as it may seem at first glance, innovations. In fact, pedestrian paths were laid out like a tile for many decades and centuries ago, just before the materials were different, and such a path was either too expensive, or not served for a very long time.


Today, both the problem is resolved, and our sidewalks are massively getting rid of old asphalt and here and there are covered with new tiles. The casket opens simply – thanks to the gaps between the tiles, this coating suffers less from the seasonal temperature difference than the asphalt that is warmer and covered with cracks. Of course, there may be problems with the quality of the source material, but this is a topic for a separate conversation.

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