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Paul from chipboard

by miamigardens

Wood – chipped slab is very often used to arrange the floor. With its help, you can carry out additional thermal insulation of the floor, make its surface perfectly even. Also, chipboard is a great basis for laying any floor covering. Produce chipboard by hot compression of wood chips. On sale, this material, there are different thicknesses-10-30 millimeters. Before proceeding to laying the plates, you should prepare the surface, especially in the case of a plank floor. It is necessary to eliminate all the existing loosening and creak. Then, measure the slabs taking into account all the gaps between the wall and the floor. They saw out chipboard with a hacksaw or saw, and the place of the saw is glued with a masking tape. You will also need forged railing for stairs, you can purchase them in a construction store. 

Before laying, the material is treated with olifa, which protects it from moisture exposure. Apply to Olifa in two layers. Further, the plate of chipboard is laid over the entire surface, aligned with the help of beacons, and screwed to the wooden floor with self -tapping screws.  To fix the chipboard to the concrete surface, holes for screws are drilled through the stove and floor, which are welded to the material. Many people are in no hurry to use chipboard in their apartment, as they consider it harmful to health, since phenol-farmaldehyde resins are used to produce it. And although many experts consider this opinion erroneous, the choice remains with each specific person.

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